What really happened on Elvis's last day.

May 1st 1967, Elvis married Priscilla, he was 32 and she was 21 years old. It happened in Las Vegas.

9month later their first baby was born, and they called the baby Lisa Marie Presley.

In December 1968 Elvis held his comeback special which turned out to be a pivotal performance in his career.

According to the Memphis Mafia member, Lamar Fike

“Elvis liked to sleep all day and party all night.

Elvis used to take amphetamines and speed by injection given to him by his doctors.

He would self harm in order to get medication.”

Elvis had an addictive personality. If it had not been drugs, it could have been food or cigars or even tobacco.

By 1970 he was consuming massive quantities of prescription drugs which would cause him to have a lot of bizarre behaviour.

December 21st, he flew to Washington DC and showed up alone at the White House un announced were President Nixon saw him and gave him a drug awareness badge even though Elvis was high on Prescription drugs at that present time.

Priscilla had an affair with her Karate instructor Mike Stone.

In 1971 Priscilla decided to leave Elvis for Mike Stone.

In June 1972 Elvis became the first artist to sell out 4 straight shows in Madison Square Garden.

In 1972 Priscilla finally filed for divorce

Elvis had numerous affairs throughout his adult life.

In 1973 Elvis performed a live show called Aloha from Hawaii which was televised around the world.

At 12.30am on January 14th 1973, Elvis played at the Honolulu International Arena for the Aloha Hawaii Concert.

The next day he was stoned sitting on his balcony after popping many pills.

Elvis drove a new Lincoln to his Doctor's and gave it to him just to keep him sweet so he would supply him with more Drugs.

Vegas was tough on Elvis and made his Drug addiction a lot worse.

Doctor's gave Elvis Liquid Cocaine for his throat.

Elvis would also use many types of different drugs.

According to some, Colonel Parker was the ultimate Con artist and used to take up to 50% of Elvis's earnings.

Elvis would often get mad and thought that the Colonel was making Elvis work in Vegas to pay off his own Gambling debts.

Infused by his drugs, Elvis wanted Mike Stone dead and tried to hypnotise one of his Mafia members and then told him to shoot him which he refused to do. Elvis then got Red West to hire a Hit man who was in a phone booth near Stones house waiting for the word but Elvis pulled out at the last minute.

Elvis fell asleep once and almost choked on an apple core but Linda Thompson (Elvis’s Girlfriend) got the core out in time.

Another time he fell asleep in his chicken soup after taking sleeping pills.

In the Hilton Hotel, Elvis started shooting off his gun for Target practice and nearly shot his girlfriend.

She was emerging from the shower when the bullet passed by her face.

His doctors would bring him up for a show and then bring him down afterwards using drugs.

6 days after his divorce he had to be admitted to Hospital

Joe Esposito was Elvis's road Manager

He trained Priscilla the way the way he would want her to be and it hurt him when she left.

He said that she was the closest thing to him after his Mother.

Elvis would eat a pound of bacon for his breakfast, 6 egg omelette, potatoes, hamburgers, biscuits, cheese burgers. His cook says he had beef for every meal. creamed potatoes, steak's, peanut butter and banana sandwich. All this was to Elvis just an appetiser. He put that much pepper on his omelette that it would turn black. Excessive salt pepper and sugar and all the worst foods.

Elvis would wear a girdle under his jump suit to make him look trim. Elvis loved to play the role of police officer.

He abused his badge and used to pull people over for speeding. President Nixon gave him a badge for federal narcotics and Presley would use it. Once he even Stopped a plane at the Las Vegas airport. Elvis flashed his badge at them and insisted that there was someone on board the plane which turned out to be a man he knew who Elvis suspected of stealing intimate photos and money. They found in his briefcase a ring and personal photographs belonging to Elvis.

In 1974, Elvis spent more than $125000dollars in cash on 5 Cadillac’s, a Lincoln continental luxury car

They made special automobiles for him.

He dyed his hair to hide his grey hair as he feared getting old.

He was lonely and used to shut himself in his room and indulge himself in pills etc.

He was admitted again into a hospital for a Detox.

The detox did not work and days after release he fell off the wagon again.

He started to smell and he even lost interest in Sex.

The colonel told Elvis after nearly abandoning a concert to get back to Memphis and re admit himself in Hospital which he did for a third time.

New years eve in 1975 he performed before the largest audience of his life at the silver dome in Pontiac in Michigan. during the performance he made one of his famous Karate moves and in doing so ripped his pants. He changed his outfit to finish the show. He returned to Graceland and asked his housekeeper/cook, Nancy Rooks to fix a tear in his jump suit.

He fired Red and sonny West.

Linda Thompson left him due to stress because of his controlling ways.

December 1976 he met Ginger Alden.

Ginger was not on the same wavelength

He turned to heavier drugs to fuel his performances which were often ruined by him forgetting his lyrics and walking off stage and other such incidents.

In 1976 he closed his tour after one of his worst performances.

He then returned to Graceland were he slept all day and was up all night.

In January 1977 Elvis proposed to Ginger.

By spring, Elvis was weak and ill and the Colonel wanted to put Elvis back on the road. Elvis did it to please the Colonel but he collapsed during the concert.

April 5th he checked out of hospital and went back to Graceland were he became a recluse. He had a cold house as the pills made him hot. He could not eat because of the Narcotics. He would only eat sweet things. His drugs were now horrendous and he bloated up like a balloon.

June saw the Colonel making plans for Elvis.

2 weeks later Elvis made a performance were he sung out of tune.

June 26th 1977, Colonels birthday, Elvis performed well and brought his Father on the stage and according to some it was like Elvis saying goodbye.

Elvis was quoted as saying "I would rather feel nothing than feel the pain I'm feeling."

Late June He was taking Quaalude, Amphetamines, Liquid Valium, Codeine, Demerol, Dilaudid. He was out of control.

Dilauded is synthetic Heroine usually used for Cancer Patients.

He was so messed up he could not even take a shower standing up and would sit down.

He would fake aches and pains to get the drugs he would require.

His doctor tried to ease Elvis off his pills.

Larry Gellar, his friend and hair stylist tried to help by sustaining Elvis's interest in Elvis's spirituality.

August 7th 1977 he paid $14,000 to rent an amusement park called Liberty Land.

Sonny, Dave and Red published a tell all book. Elvis tried to buy them out but they published the book anyway.

August 15th 1977. On a hot day he slept until late in the afternoon.

4pm he ate breakfast. He would eat like a pig.

he spent the day with Lisa Marie and tried to get a private showing of the Star Wars Film.

He tucked her to bed and she would never see Elvis alive again.

He was given the drug Codeine the night before. At 12.30am he had a heart to heart with Ginger about their wedding. Elvis’s maid recalls a commotion upstairs. 2 hours later he instructed a friend to take Lisa Marie back to her Mother‘s home. He also spoke to his security chief about the upcoming concert. Elvis asked his doctor on the phone for even more drugs. At 4am he went to play racket ball with friends. He rode his bike then played the piano, unchained melody and Blue Eyes in the rain. At 7am his cousin Billy Smith saw Elvis and washed Elvis’s hair as he vented his frustrations. At 7.30 Smith left and his step brother Ricky Stanley took Elvis something to help him sleep. Then at 8.30 his Auntie took him the morning paper with a glass of water and a third lot of drugs. By now Elvis was swimming with drugs.

Ginger (Elvis's current girlfriend) heard Elvis say that he was going into the bathroom to read and that was the last she ever saw of him. He had a Barbers chair and a small TV that he would often sit on. Ginger went to the bathroom and found him collapsed on the floor.

On the afternoon of August 16th 1977 his lifeless body was discovered. At 2.15pm, Ginger Alden walked in to find him lying on the floor. At first she thought he had hit his head, she then told the maid who then told a bodyguard and Lisa Marie walked in unknowingly. An ambulance was called. The Paramedic sped off and at 3pm wheeled him into a room. A team worked on him. They tried everything but it was in vain and he was pronounced dead at 3.30pm at the age of 42. They took Elvis's body back to Graceland.

August 17th, the Presley announced that the public would be able to pay their respects. From the hours of 3-6.30pm, 20.000 people filed past his copper lined coffin and another 50.000 were left waiting in line when the gates had closed.

The chief medical officer announced a cardiac arrhythmia as the cause of death which people thought was now a legitimate or valid cause of death.

80,000 people lined the side walk to watch the funeral procession which contained 16 white limousines.

Memphis police saluted the motorcade and kept the public at bay. At 4.24pm on August 18th 1977 Elvis was buried but not for too long due to fears of his body being stolen, his body was exhumed and would be returned to Graceland.

His estate was valued at less than $3 million , Vernon was the executor of the estate and Lisa Marie was sole beneficiary upon her coming of age.

Vernon made Priscilla the executor and she built Elvis Presley Enterprises into a multi billion dollar empire.

His doctor had lost his medical licence for over prescribing drugs for Elvis.

During Elvis’s life he did achieve 111 gold records and 33 Movies.

Music would never be the same again.