Elvis’ Sci-Fi Novel Ascension

Ascension: A Psychedelic Sci-Fi Novel by Elvis

Step into the extraordinary universe of ‘Ascension’, a mesmerizing psychedelic sci-fi novel by Elvis Tadlanek. ‘Ascension’ is not just a book—it’s a portal to a realm where reality bends and consciousness expands.

Crafted with passion and precision over three years, this novel is a testament to the boundless power of human creativity. Brace yourself for a journey that will challenge your perceptions, ignite your imagination, and leave you questioning the very nature of reality. Welcome to ‘Ascension’.

About Ascension

‘Ascension’, a unique psychedelic sci-fi novel by Elvis, takes you on a voyage beyond our galaxy, beyond the boundaries of this reality. Crafted meticulously over years, ‘Ascension’ is more than a book—it’s an exploration into a realm where reality bends, consciousness expands, and the mysteries of the universe come alive.

Defying the norms of traditional sci-fi, ‘Ascension’ offers a thought-provoking exploration of existential questions, and of what might lie in the unknown. This narrative pushes boundaries, ignites the imagination, and invites readers to question the very nature of existence.

At the heart of ‘Ascension’ are our two main characters, each navigating through this intricate universe. Their paths are intertwined in a dance of destiny and discovery, orchestrated by an enigmatic mind, absolutely incomprehensible to us. Their story is a testament to the transformative power of connection to a force greater than our tiny egos, and the love that pours out of it.

About The Author

Meet Elvis, the creative mind behind ‘Ascension’. An entrepreneur, podcast host, calisthenics athlete, and musician, Elvis has always been driven by an insatiable curiosity and a deep-seated passion for the mysteries of the universe. From a young age, he found himself captivated by the possibility of alien life and the reality-bending nature of psychedelics.

Elvis’ entry into the world of writing was not a conventional one. His passion for understanding the nature of reality and consciousness has been a guiding force in his life, leading him to delve into a wide range of subjects and disciplines.

In ‘Ascension’, Elvis has woven together his diverse interests and experiences to create a unique narrative. It’s a reflection of his journey, a journey that has led him to explore the depths of his own consciousness and the farthest reaches of the universe.

Read more about Elvis’ life-story below.

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Note From The Author

I began writing Ascension almost 3 years ago, though the very first ideas came to me at least 3 – 4 years prior to that. In the beginning, I wasn’t even considering publishing it. But then I kept writing and writing and writing… Whenever I had some spare time, during evenings, in a park, or on the train. I ended up really enjoying the process!⠀

Unfortunately, 2020 got into the way. I finished writing the manuscript around August ’20, and since then a lot has changed for me. I decided to move to Sweden and that’s where I found the freedom to work on my projects, including editing, formatting, and preparing everything for the release.⠀

On my official FB and IG accounts, as well as here on my website, you will be updated on everything to do with this short novel.

I truly appreciate your support, and I sincerely hope you find value and enjoyment in my work.

Elvis, April ’21