Have unwavering belief in yourself

Is it true, that “life does not fulfill our wishes, it fulfills our DOMINANT THOUGHT patterns”?

Over the past few months there’s been so many changes going on in my life, it’s hard to believe sometimes! That’s the reason why I’ve been posting only about my podcast. But in the background I’ve been working hard, setting up the life I always wanted to have! Working for a tech company away from my home up north, connecting with absolutely amazing people via my podcast as well as outside of it, improving my health and wellbeing, practicing bass guitar, learning loads… and of course, training Calisthenics🤸💪

Though one cannot move forwards without leaving something behind. In my case certain people, thought patterns and beliefs. It’s hard not to think about the stark difference between the way my dad used to think and how I think these days.

He would blame external circumstances and other people for his failures. I know I am fully responsible and accountable for my life, including my failures.

He would say “nothing ever works out for me”, I say to myself “everything always works out for me”. And it really does!

He would spend money, get into huge debt losing 3 flats. I keep my bills pretty low, invest meaningfully into assets so I can have a better life.

He gave up on his dreams early on. At this point I have unwavering faith in my own abilities to be able to achieve whatever I want in life.

Ultimately I wish he’d have had the tools to overcome his trauma and negative thought patterns, which held him back in his life.

And to answer the question above, yes, it is true. In the last few months I went from being broke without a social security number, got left by my girlfriend, to doing pretty well in every aspect of my life. So no matter what you’re going through now, always have faith in yourself and the universe, leave all doubt behind you, align yourself with what your heart desires, and remain in the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

Worked for me, and it will work for you too. I believe in you!


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