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Episode 24 Pt.1: Escape The Simulation With Jess Rogge

Episode 23: Motorbikes And The Paranormal With Miranda Young

Episode 22: Dream Interpretation With Deedee Jebrail

Episode 21: Question Everything With Jeremiah Dorph

Episode 20: Halloween / 1 Year Anniversary Special With D’Lena Ochoa

Episode 19: Investigating The Paranormal With Kris Sumner

EPISODE 18: Defeating Addiction With Tim Lodgen

Episode 17 Pt.2: The 5 Tibetan Rites With Marni Ratner

Episode 17 Pt.1: The 5 Tibetan Rites With Marni Ratner

EPISODE 16: HEALING The Heart WITH Dr. Marcia Martin

Episode 15: Love, Sex & Healing With Deanne Rose

Episode 14: Fitness, Mindset And Nutrition With Colette Morris

Episode 13: The Abduction Phenomenon With Preston Dennett

Episode 12: Find Confidence And Purpose With Paul Levitin

Episode 11: The Psychedelic Renaissance With Roel Bij De Vaate

Episode 10: Living Minimally With Candice Smiley

Episode 9: Trialogues At The Edge Of Reality I (With Allison Finley and D’Lena Ochoa)

Episode 8: Healing Autoimmune Disease with Whitney Morgan

Episode 7: Facing Up To Anxiety With Nicola Mercer

Episode 6: Jessica Lundgren – Dating with confidence

Episode 5: Being there for the dying with Allison Hope Finley

Episode 4: Overcoming Addiction With Geoff Seow

Episode 3 Pt.2: The Art of Expressive Living With Marni Ratner

Episode 3 Pt.1: The art of expressive living with Marni Ratner

Episode 2: Empower Yourself! With Dave Sheahan

Episode 1: Wrestling Depression with Skip Mondragon

Episode 0: Meet the host

Welcome to the Life Of Elvis Podcast!
I am your host, Elvis. In this very short episode we go through the main topics of this podcast, then you will get to know me a bit, when I briefly share my story with you.

You can expect a new episode 3-4 times a month, and I will be continuously working on improving this podcast in the following months. Most of the episodes will have a special guest, though there will be also episodes where it’s just me.