22nd June 2021

Ascension now available for pre-order on Apple Books and Rakuten Kobo!

21st June 2021

Get Ascension discounted by 20% on Google Play! (Offer lasts until end of August 2021)

Ascension has been submitted successfully to Apple Books as well as Rakuten Kobo and Barns & Nobles! Available soon.

7th June 2021

Ascension is now available as an ebook on Google Play!

24th April 2021

My new book has arrived! Such a surreal feeling holding it my hands after almost 3 years since writing the first few lines!

15th April 2021

Paperback edition now available for purchase on Amazon (here)!

14th April 2021

Paperback of Ascension successfully submitted to KDP (Amazon) and once reviewed it will be available for purchase within 72 hours!

13th April 2021

New blog post “Are We Alone?” about non-human intelligences and the themes present in my novel Ascension.

11th April 2021

8th April 2021

Final design of the cover art revealed.

4th April ’21

Manuscript is ready for publishing and I am on track for an April release via Kobo, Apple Books, Google Play, and Amazon as a paperback as well as an ebook.

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