Welcome To The Life Of Elvis

Meet Elvis, a creative and free human.

From mastering Calisthenics to hosting thought-provoking podcasts, from creating captivating music and sci-fi novels, to founding Tara Vitality, his mission is to bring love, truth and beauty into the lives of others.

Turn on your third eye

Tune in to the infinite

Drop out of Maya’s confinements

Tara Vitality

Cultivating health and freedom through international retreats, empowering courses and services, and a vibrant community

Life Of Elvis Podcast

Join Elvis on a journey of self discovery. Together with his guests, they will share their struggles, moments of transformation and set-backs, in order to find out how to excel in every aspect of our lives.


Original songs out now on all streaming platforms!

New: Guitar lessons available now.


A captivating science fiction story, a short novel almost 3 years in the making. Out now.

“This books opens your mind beyond the realms of possibility. Pure enjoyment.”