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Elvis: Independent Metal Artist

Welcome to the musical realm of Elvis, an independent metal artist known for his unique blend of melodic death metal, metalcore, and doom metal. Dive into the intense and emotive tracks from his debut album, ‘Disheartened’.

Discover ‘Disheartened’

Immerse yourself in ‘Disheartened’, a deeply personal and transformative debut album by Elvis. Born from a period of loss and hardship, ‘Disheartened’ is a testament to the power of music to channel and transform negative emotions into something beautiful.

The album’s journey begins with raw expressions of sadness, grief, and feelings of abandonment. As the tracks progress, they reflect a story of resilience and personal growth, culminating in a celebration of newfound love and happiness in the final song, “Dawn”.

‘Disheartened’ is a unique blend of Melodic Death Metal and Doom Metal, characterized by the powerful resonance of 7-string guitars and the gentle melancholy of piano and strings. Experience the cathartic journey of ‘Disheartened’ today.

Meet Elvis

Aside from being a passionate musician, Elvis is also the founder and main instructor of Tara Vitality, host of the Life Of Elvis Podcast, and the author of ‘Ascension: A Psychedelic Sci-Fi Novel’.

Elvis believes in the transformative power of creativity, love, truth, and beauty. For Elvis, music is more than just a form of expression—it’s a conduit for a higher creative intelligence, a vehicle to bring positive change into the world.

His musical journey began at the age of 17 when he first picked up a guitar. However, it wasn’t until late 2019 that he started writing his first songs. Overcoming personal obstacles in 2022, Elvis embraced his creativity more fully, becoming the person he always aspired to be and working tirelessly on his dreams.

Elvis’ music is a reflection of a diverse range of influences, from the psychedelic rock of Jimi Hendrix to A Perfect Circle, from the gothic metal of Paradise Lost to the pioneering death metal of Death. A deep appreciation for classical music also shapes his unique sound.

Future Projects

“A true musicians stops composing only when there is no music left in him.” Fortunately the source of creativity, whatever it might be, is inexhaustible.

Elvis has lots material and ideas in store for another 4 records, thematically and stylistically diverging from “Disheartened”.

Listen to the tracks from the upcoming “A Reason To Stay EP” now!

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How to support Elvis

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